Why Netflix’s Don’t Look Up is Popular

Doctor Randall Mindy (Leonardi DiCaprio) and Phd graduate student Kate Dibliasky (Jennifer Lawrence) repeatedly warn the others about an extinction level comet heading towards them only to be ignored and ostracized.

Climate Change

Mount Rainier lost 30% of its snowpack in four days during the 2021 Heatwave © Reddit

The Corporate Media

The Daily Rip in the movie illustrates a modern corporate-owned media choosing ratings and access to the White House over informing the public of a global crisis.

Corruption from Wealthy Donors

Corruption in American politics is prevalent as we saw recently with members of Congress getting caught using insider trading to cash in before the pandemic wiped out our savings. And this movie satirizes the problem with money in politics from super donors, it influences the decision of officials to choose wealth over the well-being of 330 million Americans.

“You think I’m just a businessman!” — Bash

Brief Glimpse of Animals and Wildlife



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