Why is Kamala Harris so Unpopular?

Then-Senator Kamala Harris when asked about her Truancy Record © CNN
As of November 6th, 2021 two-thirds of Independents hold an unfavorable view of her© YouGov
Broken Down by age group


While online supporters are not representative of an entire base of a fans for a particular candidate, if we’re going to do it with Bernie Bros then it’s fair to apply to same standard to the K-Hive. The K-Hive are group of Kamala Harris’s biggest fans who tend to dox anyone who doesn’t view the current Vice President as perfect. There is no perfect candidate and while candidates of Presidential supporters will have a small segment that are negative, only 2% of supporters of Sanders, Warren, Yang, Biden, Buttigieg, and Bloomberg were negative. A Harvard study was conducted analyzing over 100 million tweets to reveal that the Bernie Bros were no more negative than other Democratic primary candidate’s supporters, Harris’s supporters were not analyzed for that study.

According to a Harvard data scientist only 2% of Sanders supporters were considered negative, Harris supporters have yet to be analyzed.
Kamala Harris supporter saying Bernie Sanders belongs in a coffin.
Although Joe Manchin was the one who sank Neera Tanden (Biden’s initial OMB pick) she compares Jewish Senator Sanders to the KKK.
Former Presidential Candidate Marianne Williamson responded to the K-Hive who said she and every other person on the list will be “going through some things very soon”
Rather than be open and considerate the KHive tends to attack other’s who don’t agree with their cult, alienating potential allies.
“I see you support swarming a Black Woman. Gross” is an example of logical fallacy and confirmation bias by Thee Catherine M. Rather than address the issue of the perceived death threat she uses projection to blame others ironically as a white woke women.
K-Hive has a tendency to lash out rather than consider how they are coming across to other allies. While Sanders and Yang supporters tended to be open to policy discussions, the K-Hive much like Trump supporters are black and white thinkers and tend to love gaslighting others.
Comparing 9 million primary voters to the alt-right is not a strategy to win over voters.

Immigration and Truancy

Her ‘Do Not Come’ comments were one of the dumbest things she has said as Vice President, and it will come back to haunt her with Hispanic voters if she ever hopes to win. Most Hispanic voters come from a collectivist point of view and really share and sympathize with immigrants who want to come to America for a better life for them and their families. To tell their neighbors not to come is like telling your family who was thrown of out their home not to come. While Latino voters did elect her as Senator that was before her other controversial remarks were made that earned backlash from California Latino lawmakers.

Largely Absent

While most Vice Presidents were given roles for dealing with foreign policy, Kamala Harris has been largely absent. The only thing she has been tasked to do is deal with immigrants trying to come to America to the Mexican border. While some could blame Biden, she could volunteer to do more like pressuring Senator Manchin to support a $15 min wage (she only did this once with the $1400 stimulus check back in March), going to states with Republican senators and talking to Republican voters to pressure them to Build Back Better, and hold rallies in Arizona to nudge Kyrsten Sinema to vote for popular provisions like lowering prescription drug prices for seniors. But she hasn’t nor has she advised anyone else to do so.



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