Twitter is Officially Dead

3 min readJul 28, 2023

Here’s why.

Photo by Souvik Banerjee on Unsplash

I joined Twitter in 2019. Although I was a little late to the party as a millennial it was a nice break from the constant image scrolling on Facebook and Instagram. You could find people based on similar interests, DM them, and get instant information ahead mainstream corporate network by several hours. While there were cases of bullying, the thing I liked about it the most was that everyone could use it and you could have a debate with journalists. Or criticize them for their stupidity.

For example, when hysterically Chris Matthews compared Jewish Senator Bernie Sander’s win in Nevada to the Nazi’s invasion of France Matthews received enormous backlash for being way out of line and was forced to apologize. When Axios journalist Johnathan Swan interviewed then-President Donald Trump he got a piece of paper from him and had a beffudled expression that became an instant meme.

Another became an instant viral meme about Senator Bernie Sanders at Joe Biden’s inauguration siting in a chair with his arms folded in giant recycled mittens. It became more popular than the Biden inaguration at one point and showed Sanders in everything. Movies, pictures, Streetview, even on Ghost with Demi Moore. LOL. Demi Moore and Bernie Sanders Meme — YouTube

It was great, fun, and exciting.

But now it’s dead thanks to a billionaire sociopath named Elon Musk.

Since taking over Twitter he has damn near burned it to the ground.

He fired most of the staff (without giving them any compensation package) leading to a shutdown of the site, instituted a blue check mark system for $8 with no way to confirm the people identify (people made a lot of copycat accounts of people like Elon Musk), and limited the number of tweets to 600. Want more tweets? Pay to the billionaire welfare queen Musk! Even the weather service can’t provide updates after this dumbass limited the number of tweets per user.

Since he’s taken over incidents of racism have shot up, misinformation and outright lies about the election have increased, doxing has increased, and left-wing accounts are being banned while pro-fascist accounts are being welcomed back. What used to be a website where you could openly debate ideas has now become a bit coin orgy fest.

And to make matters worse he’s now going to change the whole thing from Tweets to Xeets, whatever the fuck that means.

Oh, and Trump is now back on Twitter free to spew whatever bullshit conspiracy theory he reads on the flat earth society website.

With Musk in charge Twitter is now officially dead. He’s killed a website where people could debate and challenge each other even those in a position of power, to a shadow of its former self.

We have to ask ourselves, if billionaires are really geniuses the corporate media makes them out to be, why do they always manage to fuck things up? They’re no genius, in fact they are nothing more than opportunists using things to hoard even more wealth for themselves at the expense of information the public should know about.

They’re no genius, they’re selfish.




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