The Supply Chain Shortage Explained

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No Domestic Manufacturing of Goods

The shortage is a result of offshoring our manufacturing base from the United States to countries with lower labor costs because of free trade. Our country along with many others are becoming very dependent on semiconductors and other electronics (i.e. cars, computers, AI, cameras, home security systems, hell even vibrators). The free trade policies promoted by corporate America starting with Ronald Reagan and continuing with his successors promised that it would lead to the growth of domestic manufacturing, more computer chips, and trickle down to domestic manufacturers. Instead, here’s what happened.

Domestic manufacturing of semiconductors has fallen since 1990.
New York City Nurses used garbage bags as makeshift protective gear.

No Inventory

Photo by Petrebels on Unsplash

Greedy Corporations Taking Advantage of it

Wages are not responsible for inflation, corporate monopolies who control everything are. The corporate media wants you to scapegoat employees who only had a $0.50 bump in pay and not the CEO of Dollar Store which got a $10,730,000 compensation package last year and raked in a record $1.3 billion from all 7,400 stores.

Surging Online Demand

During the pandemic as retail, restaurants, trucking companies, airlines, and others shut down there was an uptick in online demand. As people became confined to their homes, they wanted to do something to pass the time so they ended up buying more goods. It’s the reason Jeff Bezos saw his net worth surge $87 billion during the pandemic, and largely profited off of it backs of its workforce which saw its pandemic hazard pay get taken away during the winter coronavirus surge.



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