Straights Celebrate Their Own Pride Parade

Photo by y y on Unsplash

The Struggle of Straights

Christina Hypocrite is a 45-year-old housewife, married to a pastor from the Mormon Church near Salt Lake City, Utah. We sit down as she gets distracted by our young female intern Diana looking at her with eyes of interest before snapping her attention back to us with a plastered smile. “It’s a struggle that us religious types go through every day. Looking around seeing women kiss other women and then painfully explaining how naughty it is to our traumatized 17-year-old who masturbates to lesbian interracial porn.

The Gay Media

Eric Bonnerville is a 51-year-old from Charleston, West Virginia who’s been mining coal since the day his dad retired 15 years ago. We asked him about the Straight Pride Parade he organized in his own town as he beams with a smile. “I love the straights and felt like we needed a way to let the world know that Straight Lives Matter”

“It’s in the Bible”

Randal Hardon is a 59-year-old Republican party chairman for the state of Pennsylvania. His dad used to work in the old Bethlehem Steel Plant until thousands of workers were laid off in 1982, and Randal went from working at local newspaper until it he was laid off before getting involved in fashion design. When asked about his thoughts about creating a Straight Pride Parade he flashes a smile before explaining why.



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