Should Boris Johnson Resign?

The Prime Minister Might Have No Choice.

Photo by Jannes Van den wouwer on Unsplash

When politics doesn’t seem as interesting in the United States, I’ll occasionally check in what’s going on in the United Kingdom. And wow, have the fireworks been going off at Downing Street. Every week it seems scandal after scandal is ramming into Boris Johnson with his most recent scandal taking the cake.

The Prime Minister was recently caught in ‘Partygate’ has enraged everyone in the UK. While the PM called for social distancing and placed his own country under lockdown, he held several large gatherings that he himself hosted. It wasn’t just that however it was the fact that they disregarded their own social distancing rules and hosted a “bring your own booze party” during several COVID surges throughout the island. But it gets much worse.

One of those parties was held the night before the funeral of Prince Phillip forcing the Queento mourn her husband at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle while sitting alone.” In the US that would be like leaving beer cans, pizza, piss, and shit all over the church the day before the funeral of your loved on takes place forcing you the move. Because the queen is a sign of tradition in the United Kingdom people across the political spectrum including Piers Morgan have said he needs to go.

Queen Elizabeth sat alone during the funeral of her late Husband Prince Phillip sparking national outrage © NBC News

But that’s not all there is. Two reports emerged that paint the Prime Minister being in deep shit. The first was that in addition to his party forcing the queen to relocate her funeral plans Johnson held an in-person birthday celebration with 30 people while urging the rest of the country to socially distance, ignoring his own advice and giving rise to the term “Boris the Liar.” The second was that within the first several months after his election there is Islamophobia haunting the Conservative Party after forced out Nusrat Ghani as Transportation Secretary. She told the Sunday Times she was forced out because of her “Muslimness” and was told directly that her status as a female women of color made others uncomfortable.

When she brought it up to the Prime Minister who she considered a friend he balked and told her to report it to party headquarters. She wasn’t taken seriously based on her faith or as a woman.

In addition to this last month traces of cocaine were discovered in the UK Parliament including near Boris Johnson’s office. Is it possible that Johnson could have been doing cocaine himself? Perhaps. After all he certainly acts like a person on drugs when he knowingly lies, is very jumpy, reactionary, and at times out of control. Labour is now ahead of his party by over 8% in opinion polls and it looks increasingly likely that Keir Starmer could be the next Prime Minister if this all goes south for the Conservatives. Any hope of Johnson restoring his image is gone and the only sensible thing to do is to resign.

Analysis: Is ‘partygate’ one scandal too many for Boris Johnson? — CNN



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A person that really enjoys writing about food, culture, politics, justice, climate change, relationships, and other interesting topics.