Republicans Don’t Believe in Democracy Anymore

Today’s Republicans Increasingly Resemble the Nazi Party© Vox

When Republicans were Sane

In the 1950’s the Republican Party believed in rational policies that benefitted the majority of Americans. They kept tax rates at 91% for the rich, worked with Democrats to pass voting rights in 1957, created the national highway system, supported revising the Taft-Hartley Act, recognized the right to join a union, and supported the 1956 Air pollution control act. While there were some on the right flank of his party President Dwight Eisenhower was reportedly furious at Senator Joe McCarthy for calling WWII hero George Mashall a Communist. He struck back. While silent in public Eisenhower worked quietly behind the scenes to undercut the Wisconsin Senator by releasing a damning report where he threatened to wreck the army. Taking the bait, McCarthy publicly lashed out at his enemies leading the Republican Senate to censure him 67 to 22.

The Gingrich Era

Most of the radicalization of Republicans as the bomb throwers and sensationalist click baiters can be traced to the elevation of Newt Gingrich who ignored the good government Republicans who believed in governing. But that governing stopped as soon as he became Speaker of the House in 1995 as the Atlantic explains:

Conservative Paper calling Gingrich a Cry Baby in 1996

Sarah Palin through Donald Trump

The Republican Party fueled by disciplined obstructionism as Bill Krystol put it along with corporate interests and a right-wing echo chamber led to absolutely disgraceful moments under the Obama Presidency. As the party continued to obstruct and get 90% of what they wanted nobody was ever held accountable questioning that the first Black President wasn’t born in the United States. It began with Sarah Palin, was echoed by Fox News conspiracy theorists, and eventually picked up by Donald Trump who used fake populism and xenophobia to persuade voters desperate for manufacturing to return to elect him instead of Hillary Clinton.

What Can You Do?

The only counterweight to these unprecedented attacks is to not only vote but to volunteer as a precinct committee chair and speak out loudly about it. It’s to call out these ridiculous attacks on preventing certification of a person who won fair and square. It’s designed to prevent people of color from participating in our electoral process or even getting water while waiting in line to vote for hours. Get involved in the process and educate those who disagree with you to turn off conspiracy theorists advocating Donald Trump is President (he isn’t) and that John F Kennedy Jr is still alive (he died in 1999). Show up at local Republican and conservative town halls and undercut every argument and conspiracy theory that comes out of their mouths.



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