Report: Mainstream Media Undermined Bernie Sanders

Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on Unsplash
An example of how Bernie Sanders was covered after he won the New Hampshire primary and secured his status as the frontrunner (MSNBC, 2020).
After Bernie’s Landslide win in Nevada, Seth Meyers did a segment making fun of the coverage by calling it “pundit math” (Late Show with Seth Meyers, 2020)
As Senator Sanders eclipsed Warren for second place nationally, 41% of the coverage was positive compared to 66% for Joe Biden. ©ACBC89
In the final week leading up to the Iowa Caucus, as Sanders was ahead in that state he received 33% positive coverage versus 67% negative coverage. ©ACBC89
Total number of digital subscribers to one of the top two national newspapers. In January 2020 NYT had almost five million while WAPO had over two million.
Between the Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire primary, Bernie Sanders received overall positive coverage among all seven mainstream media sources. ©ACBC89

Tsunami of Negative Coverage

As the Vermont Senator surged ahead in the polls and was projected to win a plurality of the delegates, he was rarely treated as the frontrunner. He experienced a surge of negative coverage. ©ACBC89
With Bernie Sander’s landslide victory in the Nevada caucus, he received nearly three quarters negative coverage until the eve of the South Carolina Primary. ©ACBC89
While South Carolina helped Biden rebound to second place, all the headlines dubbed it as a comeback while the frontrunner Bernie Sanders was written off as though he was polling in last place. ©ACBC89
Overall positive and negative coverage of Senator Bernie Sanders and Vice President Joe Biden. Sanders received nearly two thirds negative coverage while Biden got over sixty percent positive coverage. ©ACBC89
Coverage of Bernie Sanders was very negative among the Washington Post and CNN, while the Los Angeles Times was the least negative. ©ACBC89
Coverage of Joe Biden was very positive among CNN and MSN, while Politico was the least favorable. ©ACBC89



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