Breakthrough Case Rate is 2.7%

Massachusetts Health Officials discovered 134,565 breakthrough cases out of 5 million

Photo by Fusion Medical Animation on Unsplash

We have received a lot of reports in the news where politicians and celebrities were experiencing an unusually high number of breakthrough infections despite receiving the two-dose vaccinate and booster shots. Although infections are largely being spread by the unvaccinated, there was no data as to what the percentage of breakthrough cases were among the unvaccinated. After careful analysis we now have enough data based on one state to give a rough estimate and it comes from one of the original thirteen colonies.

The officials used the definition of an individual who is fully vaccinated as person who has received two-doses of the Pfizer, Moderna, or J&J vaccine to boost immunity from the coronavirus. On that basis they reviewed roughly five million individuals who were considered fully vaccinated and discovered some fascinating results. Out of the 5.1 million residents who are vaccinated (defined as those who have received two doses) a total of 134,565 are considered breakthrough cases. Out of that group only 0.7% of the vaccinated required hospitalization, 99.3% did not. In comparison the national fatality rate for the coronavirus was 1.5–1.8% in the United States.

This 2.7% percentage of breakthrough cases explains why a series of celebrities and politicians are getting infected with the coronavirus despite receiving two-doses and a booster shot including Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker. Although symptoms are mild this only looks at those who are vaccinated and the death rate for just this group was 0.2%. If you are unvaccinated even if you are young and healthy you are in serious trouble with a death rate that is 9 times higher than if you were vaxxed.

The longer people remain unvaccinated the higher chance that a series of coronavirus variants will continue to circulate among the unvaxxed and eventually the vaccinated population group. The more worryingly the greater the chance of a second shutdown as we experienced in April 2020 when the U6 unemployment rate hit 22.40% the highest since the great depression and nobody wants to have that happen again. Do whatever you can to convince your loved on and neighbors to get either tested frequently or take the vaccinates.

At the current rate within the next several weeks accounting for millions who traveled by air during the holidays, there will likely be anywhere from 800,000 to 2 million infections every day. Be prepared and limit social gatherings to prevent more lives being lost.