Poll: Americans view Republicans as Extreme and Hateful and Dems as Weak

3 min readMay 22, 2022


The American people are accurate about this. Let’s discuss why.

CBS Poll showing that Americans view the Republicans as Extreme and Hateful

There was a new poll that came out from CBS News that revealed some interesting data about how the American people feel about establishment Republicans and Democrats. While some of the polling might seem a little facepalm worthy the top ones accurately reflect the concept that America itself is a backsliding democracy and has been since the Reagan era.

Unlike most polls that ask a generic question the CBS took a unique approach: word association and then polled them based on the top five words that are associated with both parties.

For Republicans 54% chose the word extreme to describe them.

For Democrats 51% associated them with the word weak.

This reflects an awareness by the American people a simple fact: The Republicans have embraced fascism and are part of the hard right authoritarian right that is nationalistic and embraces the BS Great Replacement theory. And the Democrats are not taking the threat of Republican fascism seriously or showing any effort to stop them. The former is obvious about what they believe in, hell they bow down to an orange dictator.

But that doesn’t absolve the Democrats of not doing anything to prevent the erosion of public institutions to our way of life. The only thing that undercuts fascism is backbone and passing huge legislation that counteracts the economic effect the great pandemic had on all 330 million Americans. So far, the Democrats have only passed one Trump-backed public-private partnership infrastructure bill and a $1400 stimulus check.

The reason the Democrats are labeled as weak is because they are not passing or enacting even half of what they promised during the campaign trail: $15 an hour minimum wage, canceling $25,000 in student debt via executive order, $2,000 stimulus check (not $1,400), codifying Roe v. Wade into law to protect a women’s right to have an abortion, climate change legislation, criminal justice reform, police reform, and campaign finance reform. Have they passed any of those into law other than blaming the Republicans or the Parliamentarian in the Senate? No, and the American people are right. The Biden administration has the constitutional authority to do 277 policies without Congress that would help hard working Americans like you.

Don’t get me wrong the Republicans are an authoritarian right-wing menace to this country and should never ever be allowed to govern this country again. They’ve politicized every fucking issue in this country that used to be uncontroversial: mail in ballots, free school lunches, child tax credit, food stamps, science, books, global warming, public infrastructure, minimum wage, aid to countries at war, and now baby formula. They are nothing more than narcissistic sociopaths that want to destroy institutions, privatize everything that used to be public, and make their lobbyists happy to receive yummy campaign cash.

But the Democrats better show some damn spine and do a lot more to combat inflation, price gouging, social and economic inequality, police brutality, and climate change. They have four legislative months before the midterms and the Republicans will win unless they pass and enact more legislation, now!

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Here are 277 policies that Biden can enact on day one — without Congress | Max Moran | The Guardian




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