Pandemic is Causing Record Level Burnout Among Essential Workers

Photo by nikko macaspac on Unsplash

Frontline Workers

CNN published an opinion piece by a frontline worker who describes in great detail some of the main issues that is leading to burnout and resignations. Ms. Ghazal describes how while the public is largely feeling a sense of normalcy inside the hospitals “the reality is much different.” She describes a lack of public investment in nursing schools to provide more essential workers for a profession that pays less than $20,000 a year has led to staffing shortages. On top of that she has been dealing with denialism from patients denying that the coronavirus is even real which leads to a lot of frustration in the workplace. Similar to denialism to the fact that the earth is round.

Amazon Workers

Amazon earned so much money during the pandemic they could give each employee a one-time $100,000 bonus and still be profitable.


The third group that needs to be looked at are teachers who have gone about and beyond adapting to this pandemic. And right now, they are beginning to show signs of burnout with 55% considering quitting over the next year and it’s not hard to see why.

Other Mentions

Some of the most underappreciated people you have to give credit to are grocery store employees and sanitation workers. These guys bared through it somehow during the lockdown in April 2020, were screamed at by ungrateful customers, belittled by bosses for adapting to a changing environment, and had to stay six feet away at all times which is very difficult to do at Fred Meyer. Sanitation workers the people that cleaned the floors, public facilities, wiped down tables, and cleaned up businesses are another forgotten profession we never once thanked during the pandemic. And the final one I want to mention are United States Postal Service workers who adapted to the changes by Trump appointed DeJoy who has financial ties to private postal service companies. They continued delivering your mail during the pandemic, delivered ballots on time during the 2020 Presidential election, and pushed through despite radical restructuring under the Trump administration.



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