No the Vice President wasn’t right to criticize him. Here’s the actual two questions that are tough but fair.

Charlemagne: "Somebody has to push back on Joe Manchin Because that guy ... he’s ruining democracy. Are you willing to be that superhero? Because what scares me is that if voting rights doesn’t pass and build back better doesn’t pass...I doubt you gonna get black people to vote for you in 2022 and 2024 and Trump will be president again. What’s the plan for all of that?"

Charlemagne: "Who’s the superhero that’s going to speak against Joe Manchin? I want to know who the real president of this country is, is it Joe Biden or Joe Manchin? Do you think Joe Manchin is a problem?"

Those were all tough but fair questions. Her response by accusing him of being a Republican and finger wagging is not the best way to answer it. He’s warning them that they’re at risk of losing to Republicans in 2022 and the Oval Office in 2024 if they fail to deliver to black voters like they promised.



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