Netanyahu is a War Criminal

3 min readOct 25, 2023

Veteran Israeli TV host: “Put Him on Trial Now. He is a War Criminal.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Newsweek)

The calls for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to resign are growing.

And the loudest voices are coming from within the state of Israel itself.

According to the Jerusalem Post 86% of Israeli’s want Netanyahu to resign from office, including 79% of coalition supporters.

The same article mentioned that civilians in the state of Israel do not trust the current Prime Minister especially with his offensive Operation Swords of Iron which is destroying all residential buildings in the Northern half of the Gaza Strip. Nearly 500 Palestinian children have been massacred during this conflict along with videos of Israel ruthlessly destroying homes and businesses.

86% want the Trump of Israel to resign.

The same guy who two to three months ago was calling for a judicial takeover of the court in his own image like an authoritarian.

And there’s not a single mention of this on any mainstream news outlet. Since the start of the conflict the coverage has focused more on Israelis than those in the Gaza Strip. And Bibi knows that the United States will continue sending them money because AIPAC does lobby our government to send them $2 billion per year. And that could explain some of the unbalanced coverage too.

Sure, there may be one or two segments, but the coverage for the past week has been focusing exclusively on the effects on Israeli civilians and neglecting Palestinians civilians. I hate war and condemn innocent civilians being part of those causalities of war. The death of civilians is not acceptable and should be condemned if you are a sane and rational person. And while I don’t support and hate the actions of Hamas, Netanyahu and his hard right nationalist government are collectively punishing Gazans.

No mention of them turning off the water until recently. And no mention of having their garbage left on the streets the fact that Palestinians are drinking sea water. You read that right, seawater. But I guess we should only give a shit about the people who have lighter skin tone and aren’t Muslim right corporate media? Where is the coverage of homes being obliterated in the Gaza Strip? Or that fact that the Israeli government labels any Gazan that’s a male above the age of 18 a Hamas terrorist? Or Amnesty International calling them out for collective punishment of Palestinians during this crisis and dating back over the last decade?

Smoke rises in Gaza following an Israeli airstrike on Northern Gaza. photo credit: ATIA MOHAMMED/FLASH9

The United States should discourage any form of Islamophobia and Antisemitism. However, we must keep one thing in mind. Criticism of the head of the government of Israel is in no way considered a form of antisemitism. Benjamin Netanyahu does not represent all forms of Judaism anymore that Chinese President Xi Jingping represents all forms of atheism. Hell, if that was the case then I guess under Bibi’s definition 86% of Israeli’s are antisemitic. Or Bernie Sanders for that matter who is Jewish.

“It is not antisemitic to be critical of a right-wing government in Israel” — Sen. Bernie Sanders

Just because the right-wing nationalist throws it around as a convenient excuse to silence criticism doesn’t absolve him of war crimes from collective punishment. Netanyahu should be forced to resign from office after this colossal failure to protect innocent civilians and face an investigation from the ICC for war crimes.

Update 11/5/23: The people of Israel appear to have had enough of the right-wing government over his failure to protect them, and Netanyahu’s policies of shoot first ask questions later. Numerous protesters have showed up right outside of the Prime Minister’s office to protest his current policies and demand a release of the hostages.




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