More Sanders voters backed Clinton than her own supporters backed Obama.

15% of Clinton supporters voted for McCain in 2008, just 6% of Sanders voters backed Trump in 2016.

Only 6% of Sanders primary voters backed Trump, far less than 15% of 2008 Clinton primary voters backed McCain.

Washington Post excluded Caucus States like Iowa

A study by Brian Schaffner of the Cooperative Congressional Election Study (CCES) that was published in 2017 claimed that 12% of Bernie Sanders voters backed Donald Trump. John Sides of the Washington Post published an article about it and the media took this as evidence that it was the fault Sanders and his supporters for somehow helping Trump win. But if you look a little deeper there’s two huge flaws which the Schaffner himself explained about the study which “excludes people who said they voted but actually did not” and also “excludes people who voted in caucuses or party-run primaries, for which validated turnout data are not as readily available.”

ABC News poll among likely voters broken down among four groups.

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