Mayor Pete Won’t Win the Presidency

He Doesn’t Speak for Millennials and Gen Z

There’s this myth in the press that Buttigieg is a young ambitious person who is just the right kind of guy that would be perfect for President. And that he will automatically capture the millennial vote and Generation Z because “he’s young”. Except none of that is accurate. If those stereotypes were true white women would have voted for Hillary Clinton instead of Donald Trump.

He Has a Race Problem

The Demographics of this country are shifting towards a more diverse country which is very welcoming. A record 33% of the American electorate was non-white in last year’s election and most of that demographic are working class people of color. African Americans constitute 13% of the electorate and they hate Pete Buttigieg.

Arrogant and Condescending

Pete Buttigieg is very condescending not just to people of color and the intelligence of voters, but to his opponents. When there was a gaffe Amy Klobuchar made in the news about being unable to know who the President of Mexico was, Pete Buttigieg was all but happy to talk down to her like a smug prick. “Are you trying to say that I’m dumb or are you mocking me Pete?” which didn’t even seem to phase Mayor White Privilege. When Senator Klobuchar correctly pointed out that mayor Pete “lost by twenty points” he responded by saying a Senator doesn’t always become President. She got angry and they had a brief talking over each other moment before Klobuchar responded sarcastically “I wish everyone was as perfect as you Pete, but let me tell you what it’s like to be in the arena.”

Corporate Opportunist

From fixing bread prices to helping privatize the US Postal Service Buttigieg was at the forefront of everything the American public hates. According to Data for Progress the American public have moved to the left on economic issues, but have remained stagnant on social issues. What this means is that there is an inherent distrust of anyone affiliated with corporate monopolies and private entities that seek to price gouge hard working people of this country. It would explain why House Dems that supported Medicare for All retained their seats in swing districts, while the Democrats who openly bashed it lost their seats in 2020. The Dems lost 13 seats in the House by running on Trump bad, and it backfired.



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