Heard of Bernie Bros? K-Hive is MUCH worse

Worse than Trump supporters

The KHive, short for followers of the Kamala Harris, are as toxic if not worse than Trump supporters. While many in the media focused obsessively about the Bernie Bros, a Harvard graduate discovered only two percent fell under that category. The same percentage was prevalent for Biden, Warren, Yang, Buttigeig, and other candidates supporters. The one group that was never analyzed were supporters of Kamala Harris.

As former Presidential Candidate Marianne Williamson and Congressman Ro Khanna experienced, they have a particularly nasty sting. They’re pattern is this. Post something negative about Sanders or his supporters (comparing Sanders to the Klu Klux Klan), pretend to be shocked, deflect and blame everyone else by playing the victim, get your supporters to attack the left, then it if looks too bad the delete tweet and block everyone while claiming you did nothing wrong. This is very similar to how a Trump supporter would act, hence the name BlueAnon.

Here’s a sample of BlueAnon along with sometimes hilarious responses

In reaction to Joe Manchin saying he would not support Neera Tanden’s confirmation as OMB director, one of the most prevalent KHive members blamed Bernie Sanders. Comparing him to the KKK.
Same BlueAnon telling other women of color leftists to shut up
Same as above except @brownsugar78 deletes her tweet and blocks everyone after starting an argument for no reason.

Wow. No wonder people dislike Kamala Harris, they’re no different than the childish QAnon folks who last out at others for simple disagreements. The BlueAnon have an unhealthy obsession of demonizing, ostracizing, and attacking people with disabilities, people of color, the poor, and anyone who simply displays an ounce of independence or dissent.

Neera Tanden is a member of the Blue Maga Cult
BlueAnon Calling for Sander’s supporter Nina Turner to be “muzzled”

The unhealthy obsession for BlueAnon to sabotage themselves isn’t good for the party or the country to unite. It’s part of the reason why the Vice President is struggling with Latino voters, working class people of color, people with disabilities, populists, and socialists. Her supporters are alienating others rather than building coalitions. I was part of the coalition that helped elect Barack Obama and as many disagreements as I had with his Presidency, he always made sure his supporters respected others. None of his organizers ever lashed out even when I was a Clinton supporter. The BlueAnon is doing a disservice to the legacy of Barack Obama and Democrats around the country by provoking infighting among the Democratic base. Instead of lashing out maybe act like an adult and listen.

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