Employers Complained About Worker Shortages, One Person Called Their Bluff

A worker in Florida applied to 60 job openings and found some startling results.

Signs like these are likely a bigger problem driven by employers sabotaging themselves © Joe Randolph / Getty Images
Results of social experiment reveals nearly three-quarters ghosted him ©SandDollar04 on Twitter

“58 applications says y’all aren’t desperate for workers, you just miss your slaves”

The findings are very similar to my own experience with getting a job. When I was looking for a job several years ago I applied to one hundred applications over a six week period for positions I was qualified for. I spent time and energy looking over my resume and CL, so how many responded to my application for an interview? Two. And even then the interviewers told me to expect to earn less than was advertised and I had to call them back after they didn’t tell me if I got the job or not. The ghosting part is the most irritating as is this quote.

“There’s no labor shortage; There’s a shortage of employers paying fair wages”

There is not labor shortage, there’s a shortage of respect for potential workers eager to hear back from you. There’s a living wage shortage, a shortage of benefits, a shortage of vacation days, a shortage of paid family leave, and a shortage of gratitude for workers who drive the economy. The bottom 90% has been taking it on the chin over the last fifty years, wages adjusted for inflation have gone down, employees are earning less in health and retirement benefits as costs of living continue to increase. The growing sense of entitlement and narcissism by large and medium employers crying about workers, while doing nothing to change how they hire workers is unsustainable.

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