Employers Are Contributing to Labor Shortage

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High Education for Less Salary

In today’s world it’s expected that you get an education after high school. Among most employers a Bachelor’s degree today is worth what a high school diploma was thirty years ago: nothing. While it’s accepted that employers acknowledge that they need skilled employees, they seem to give almost nothing for the high cost of education that it requires to attract those skilled workers. In order for employees to get the education they need they have limited choices: take out a FAFSA loan, sweet talk their parents, sell their belongings, bullshit themselves for a $5,000 grant and scholarship for a $20,000 a year college. Or beg and plead for a company to pay for their education which even today is rare. The other day I was reviewing a friend of mine’s job application for a position that required a master’s degree and the starting pay was $14 an hour, in Seattle. $14 an hour? You can’t survive on that in urban areas.

Credit Score

Employers are now increasingly turning towards judging you based on your credit score. Credit Scores are based on how often you pay back the money you owed to your credit card and your ability to fully pay it back. But there’s a major flaw with that logic. What if you have medical debt for a family member or $50,000 in student loans with only enough to pay back the interest rate? Is that discriminatory practice going to earn more or less workers for your business? What if that debt was incurred because their wife or son was in a car accident? Or you have cancer? Is it their fault for getting cancer?

Scripted Interview & No Call Backs

One of the most frustrating things about the job market is this expectation to act and behave a certain way during the interview process. Why on earth are we still relying on an out of date interview style adopted back in the 1960s? While I understand the reason behind an elevator pitch and am comfortable showing how my talents can apply to your business, I’m uncomfortable when I’m scripted and can’t express how passionate I am during your interview. I’m very direct and honest, I spent time and energy preparing for the interview, dressing nicely, and practicing with my friends for this. Just ask me directly about my resume and I’ll give you my honest opinion, I don’t try to BS anything and I’m not going to sound inauthentic like Pete Buttigieg either.

No Weekend For You

The Weekend is your time to recharge your batteries, work on projects at home, and spend time with family or friends. After a long grueling forty hour day you get home and look forward to chilling with your family on the couch watching a show on Netflix. But those days of relaxing are becoming rare.

Gravity Payments & Other Business models to Follow

Dan Price is the CEO of Gravity Payments, a credit card processing and financial services company which employs 200 people. He was talking to an employee one day when he realized there was a major problem. Housing costs were soaring and they had to rely on food stamps to make it. Instead of callously dismissing their arguments, he thought about what he could do to make a difference in the lives of his employees.



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