Dear Democrats: Don’t Listen to Hillary Clinton’s “Advice" on Winning

Maddow interviewing Clinton after her loss in 2016 ©MSNBC

My Political Evolution

It was my first election and my first ever vote. I was in a classroom filled with about 70 people huddled into two different camps deciding on who we would vote for in the upcoming Presidential Caucus. One side of the room was a group of young voters my age and on the other was a side of older people, the former was for Barack Obama the latter was for Hillary Clinton. I thought about who to vote for and to the surprise of everyone I voted for then-Senator Clinton.

Warning Signs

This anger at the injustice with the big banks and under-promising to deliver real change fueled populism in the United States the led to the rise of a reality tv star named Donald Trump. As President Obama continued to push for TPP (which included the investor state settlement dispute to allow corporations the ability to overturn national laws) that populism began to swell in the United States which neither Clinton nor Obama seemed to address. The void was filled by Donald Trump. Despite his businesses having a history of exploiting women from Honduras and paying them less than what they’re worth, his economic populist message about bringing back domestic jobs and withdrawing from the unpopular TPP was very attractive in the rust belt.

$1 Billion and Ignorance

Hillary Clinton raised $1 billion and ignored the warning signs that she was losing ground in previously Democratic leaning states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. The last one she never visited once after the primaries were finished. She ran 60% negative ads against Trump on personality instead of what voters really wanted to hear about: policy. Her team (especially Robby Mook) ignored warning signs from former Sanders delegates and even union officials in Michigan as Trump held rallies all over the place gaining steam. Sanders delegates even volunteered to hand over a list of organizers who could help her win swing state voters but were repeatedly dismissed and mocked.

Clinton Lost to Someone MORE Unpopular

How? How could you outspend your opponent two to one with higher favorability ratings and STILL lose to them? That fact seems to be lost on the part of most journalists and the media. Although both candidates were historically unpopular all she had to do was call out his hypocrisy on trade, on immigration, and denounce her husband’s free trade agreements. Instead, she ran solely on an anti-Trump platform and a policy free campaign hoping to get disaffected Republican voters. And it resonated with nobody outside her circle. Her team were so confident they were going to win they popped open champaign just hours before the polls had closed.

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