Companies Receive Flood of Applicants After Passive Aggressively Posting “Nobody Wants to Work Anymore” Signs

3 min readOct 23, 2021

‘Excited to work for employer that demands more hours for less benefits.’

After months of businesses proclaiming that ‘nobody want’s to work anymore’ the most vocal are receiving a flood of applications. The flood of new applicants stunned medium and large business owners alike. In Florida McDonald’s general manager Greg Taftman thought posting about it on social media would bring awareness, he was pleasantly surprised to see people lining out the door to work for him the next day. “Now I can finally afford to put money back into the business. We have enough for that second yacht.” The starting wage for his building is $8.75 which he considers “good enough.”

But what made people change their minds? We interviewed several new hires in Florida and other states to explain why.

Mitchell Guzzleman is 39 year old single mother in North Carolina trying to pay off her student loans. She said “I was going to wait for a better paying job for come by, but I couldn’t live with myself knowing Greg struggles to pay for his third yacht.” She announced that hearing cries of desperation and a return to working more for less resonated with her. “It seemed selfish to ask for fair wages.”

Randy Devon, a twenty-six-year-old out of college was recently hired at construction firm Bourgeoisie Construction LLC in Tampa, Florida. When interviewed he explained why he chose to work for minimum wage.

“I was excited to work for an employer than demands I work longer hours for less money. I was considering a higher wage job until I saw a sign that said 'nobody wants to work anymore’ at this place and it really changed my mind. I’m happy to earn less for my wife and two daughters.” When asked about his job interview Randy said the job was originally posted as $10 an hour, but the interviewer told him the CEOS $7 million annual salary could only offer him $8.75 an hour for a part time position. “I’m happy to earn less than I’m worth” Randy said while beginning his nightshift as a male stripper.

Cathy Sun is a recent college graduate in computer science from the University of Washington and sent out 60 applications in a month. At the end of the month she was thrilled to learn that 73% ghosted her to never let her know if she got the job offer. “I feel honored when large employers never get back to me, it makes me feel great about myself knowing I spent hours fine tuning my resume only to never hear from them again.” Cathy was offered a position at Amazon that was promised to start at $25 an hour, but she felt relieved when they offered her $17.50 an hour with less benefits and a free coffee drink.

“It makes it easier to sleep at night knowing my employer pocketed an extra $87 billion during the pandemic. Now he can afford to pay me less than what I’m worth.”




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