Brexit Destroyed Labour Party, Not Corbyn

The British and European Union Flags Represent the divide over Brexit in the UK.
Boris Johnson stands with Theresa May in front of the Brexit Bus in May 2016. Reuters
Conservatives held 318 seats versus 262 for Labour. 75% of Conservative and 61% of Labour constituencies voted to Leave the European Union.

Labour Leave Seats Largely Retained

Even then the results were not as catastrophic as it could have been. Out of the 159 pro-leave seats, Corbyn’s Labour party held onto 99 of them (62.3%). Furthermore out of the 30 seats they gained in the previous election cycle Jeremy Corbyn was able to retain 17 of them including former conservative Canterbury and many of the seats in the north remained in Labour’s hands. That is indicative of the strength of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader to generate enthusiasm and retain 62% of pro-Brexit seats. Without Corbyn it’s possible Labour would have lost well over 100 seats in parliament to the Conservatives and delivered Boris Johnson an even bigger landslide.



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