Bernie Sanders Predicted Climate Change, Years Ago

Megafires from Seattle to Los Angeles choke the San Francisco skyline with an eerie orange glow. Wired

Fires Occurred in Places Once Unthinkable

In 2020, record-breaking megafires occurred all over the western half of the United States, including in normally water saturated areas like the Pacific Northwest. Over 4.3 million acres ignited in California, creating an eerie orange glow (that you’d expect from blade runner) in San Francisco. An enormous 900,000 acre fire slammed into Oregon so suddenly that the southern suburbs of the largest city (Portland) were placed on mandatory evacuation. In my home state of Washington 330,000 acres burned in a single day. These came suddenly and with little warning as offshore winds of 50 mph and smoke slammed the Seattle area knocking out power and choking them with smoke for weeks. The smoke from the West Coast fires was so thick it stretched all the way to Europe and could be seen from space.

Smoke from huge fires on the West Coast were so large, they were seen 2,000 miles off the coast and visible from space. This forced everyone to wear N95 masks in addition to COVID masks

Antarctica Melting Away

The World’s Largest Ice slab broke off in May 2021 alarming scientists. European Space Agency
Satellite Image showing the extent of all wildfires in Washington, Oregon, and California on September 10th, 2020



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