Bernie Campaigning in Republican States On Infrastructure

Senator Sanders is talking to Republican voters in Iowa and Indiana. Good.

It’s no secret that I was one of his biggest supporters of the 2020 primary campaign. One of the things that attracted me to him was that he spoke from the heart and talked about policies, and talk to people regardless of political affiliation with respect and honesty. That authenticity is something that is lacking among mainstream Democrats, and that appeals to not just independents but Republicans.

One of my Republican coworkers ended up supporting him in his previous run. He disagreed with him on social issues, but when he heard Sanders discuss trade policy, climate change, and getting ripped off by Big Pharma he endorsed him. “I spend more on healthcare than my extended family does in Canada. If I was sold a car for twice the price, I’d expect it to be twice as good. Instead I’m spending $700 a month while my Canadian counterparts are spending $180. It’s insane” he said to me.

The story from today on MSN was Bernie Sanders campaigns in pro-Trump districts to get more Republican support for the reconciliation package. It would include investments for infrastructure, climate change, housing, college, and more. The only thought that came to mind was why aren’t other Democrats doing this?

While the corporate press has been largely focused on the inadequate $1 Trillion privatized infrastructure plan with a mileage tax, the $3.5 Trillion plan over ten years benefits the bottom 90% rather than the top 1%. It expands Medicare to include coverage for dental care and vision; makes community college tuition free and invests in infrastructure over ten years. It has no mileage tax in it, provides paid family leave (like other industrialized countries have), invests in mitigating the impact of climate change, affordable housing, and make sure the wealthiest corporations finally pay their fair share in taxes.

If you truly believe in something you must be willing to put yourself out there and fiercely advocate for it. That is what Bernie Sanders is currently doing behind the scenes. And if his colleagues follow suite, it might work.

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