Analysis Reveals U.S. May Be Hitting the Vaccine Hesitant Population

While the average number people getting fully vaccinated per month has dropped, there is hope on the horizon.

Over 211 million Americans are fully vaccinated from the coronavirus, but the recent numbers suggest we may not reach herd immunity for a while.

According to the Centers for Disease Control 63.91% of all Americans are fully vaccinated from the Coronavirus. As the Biden administration continues to get back to some sense of normalcy as quickly as possible recent numbers reveal that it may take while before we approach herd immunity (80% or 90%). In order to understand how long it may take to reach herd immunity I took a look at how many Americans received at least two-doses of the COVID vaccine. The definition of individuals who are fully vaccinated are those who received two-doses of the Pfizer, Moderna, or J&J vaccine. I looked at the cumulative totals of individuals who were fully vaccinated at the first of each from January 2021 through January 2022. I then subtracted the difference between the current month and the previous month to get an idea of how quickly 331,893,745 Americans were getting fully vaccinated against COVID. Here’s what I discovered.

The initial roll out of the coronavirus vaccine under the Biden administration was very successful during the first six months under the new President. The rate of those who were fully vaccinated surged from 5,971,574 a month by Feb 1st through 39,601,800 a month by May 1st. Although the level declined slightly to just a hair under 20 million by July 1st things seemed to be going very well as the majority of the population was fully vaccinated by the end of August.

The second half of the year the total cumulative number of new fully vaccinated individuals declined from 10.6 million a month by September 1st to 5 million by January 2022. Based on the data it looks like we are beginning to hit the more vaccine hesitant population which may continue to bring the rate at which the population continues to get fully vaccinated down and could prevent all Americans from achieving herd immunity. But there is hope.

If the current rate of people who receive both doses of the vaccine continues at the current rate of seven million a month the United States may begin looking at 74% of the population who are fully vaccinated by Independence Day. This would lessen the strain on our fragile and understaffed healthcare system where nurses are beginning to suffer from PTSD after seeing hundreds of thousands die from this disease. Furthermore, even accounting for a breakthrough case rate of 2.7% as documented in Massachusetts the death rate from COVID related cases go down and down as more of the population gets vaccinated.

But the current administration nor the state government can do it alone. If you really want to help end this pandemic, try talking to the vaccine hesitant and give them cold hard facts about the coronavirus. Accompany them to a doctor's office where they may have a lot of questions about the coronavirus and the vaccine. Open up and listen to them about why they might be hesitant and point them towards information that can be helpful and steer them away from conspiracy theories like COVID and magnetism. Even if you don’t agree with them hear them out, be patient, tell them your story, and inform them of the pros and cons. Trust me you’ll be doing frontline workers a huge service as they enter their third year of dealing with this disease.

The longer this continues the higher the risk we may have another lockdown. It’s in your interest as well as mine and your neighbors to convince the skeptical to get both shots before moving towards booster shots.


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A person that really enjoys writing about food, culture, politics, justice, climate change, relationships, and other interesting topics.